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+358 (0)3 488 6800 | Gustaf, R. Erik. Serlachiuksen katu 2 | Gösta, Joenniementie 47 | Mänttä

Open wintertime 1 September–31 May Tue–Sun 11am–6pm.


+358 (0)3 488 6800 | Gustaf, R. Erik. Serlachiuksen katu 2 | Gösta, Joenniementie 47 | Mänttä

wintertime 1 September–31 May Tue–Sun 11am–6pm
summertime 1 June–31 August daily 10am–6pm
Closed 6 Dec, 24–25 Dec, 31 Dec, 25 Mar and 30 Apr

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Friday 15. May 2015

Serlachius Museums presents a major collection of Outsider Art

The Outsider Art collection of Korine and Max E. Ammann is one of the most important in the world. An exhibition, The Art of Others, assembled from the collection, opens to the public at Serlachius Museums located in Central Finland. Outsider Art, which originates outside the official art world, tells of the creative power and passion for art of its creators. Exhibition opens on 16 May.

Outsider offers a different perspective on art. The works are characterised by fantasy, curiosity, otherness, creativity, sights and visions. The subject may be the politics or ideology of today, public life, fairy tales or the unconscious paths of the human mind.

As a group, Outsider artists consist of highly varied individuals. In addition to naïvists and visionaries, they include people who live outside of society voluntarily or by compulsion. Some of them are intellectually disabled or psychically ill. What they have in common is principally a need to express themselves through art.

In French, the terms Art Brut or Art Differencié are used for Outsider Art, in German, Volkskunst, and in English, the terms Folk Art and Raw Art are also used. In Finnish, the name ITE art is generally used. The abbreviation stands for “self-made life”.

Own discoveries the foundation of the collection

Max E. Ammann, from Switzerland, began to collect Outsider Art in the mid-1990s. He had acquired contemporary art since his youth, but was disappointed with its development. After seeing Outsider Art, it attracted his interest and he began to collect it systematically, together with his wife, Korine.

The Ammanns have travelled all over the world due to their work. On their travels, they have searched for Outsider artists. An important part of their collecting activity are visits to artists in their work locations. They have met in person a large proportion of the artists whose works they have purchased.

Today, the Korine and Max E. Ammann Collection comprises around 6,000 works by 600 artists from 30 countries. The foundation of the collection is formed by artists discovered by the Ammanns themselves. They include, among others, Martine Copenaut, Yves Fleuri, Evert Panis and Han Ploos van Amstel.

“In principle, we buy art that we like and which touches us. Of course, as our collection grows, we have also started to consider what it might look like in the future. We have formed our own concept by discussing the issue with other collectors of Outsider Art and by reading literature and journals covering the field,” says Max E. Ammann.

Finnish ITE art in the collection

The couple have visited Finland ten times or more and have driven around the country meeting ITE artists. Their collection includes works by 18 Finnish ITE artists. Last year, for example, they acquired three Tuula Husko drawings and three wood sculptures by Markku Valtonen.

The exhibition assembled from the Ammann Collection has already been shown in Erfurt in Germany, and in Lille and Sables d’Olonne in France. It is curated by the Director of the Thurgau Museum of Fine Arts, Markus Landert, and again for Serlachius Museums by scenographer Tarja Väätänen

Further information: Pauli Sivonen, tel. +358 50 566 1355