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+358 (0)3 488 6800 | Gustaf, R. Erik. Serlachiuksen katu 2 | Gösta, Joenniementie 47 | Mänttä

Open summertime 1 June–31 August daily 10am–6pm, wintertime 1 September–31 May Tue–Sun 11am–6pm.


+358 (0)3 488 6800 | Gustaf, R. Erik. Serlachiuksen katu 2 | Gösta, Joenniementie 47 | Mänttä

wintertime 1 September–31 May Tue–Sun 11am–6pm
summertime 1 June–31 August daily 10am–6pm

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The  Many Faces of Finnish Forest

History, art and pure tastes amid beautiful forest and lake landscape.

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Finnish forest presents itself in many ways in our exemplary package: history of forest industry, national art treasures inspired by the forest nature, past and present of the locality connected to paper industry, and now forest's culinary flavors on the plate and a short trip to the actual forest.

Art and paper town Mänttä-Vilppula presents the story behind the essence of Finnish culture: at Serlachius Museum Gustaf, at the magnificent former head office of a paper combine, you will find out how the historical base wall, the paper industry, emerged in Finland. Serlachius Museum Gösta will show how the Finnish nature inspired the masters of Finnish Golden Age of art. Gösta's manor is a fine example of the way of life of the mill owners, Gösta's pavilion on the other hand an example of a modern wood construction. In addition to that this small town is located in the middle of the most beautiful forest and lake landscape offering its visitors a variety of possibilities to experience nature.

The Serlachius Museum Gustaf: dramatised history
We will arrive at the 1930's built magnificent, former head office, nowadays the Serlachius Museum Gustaf that offers an abundance of experinces. We will make a time warp and go back to the year 1951, breathing the hierarchical atmosphere of the head office. A stern recruiter of the forest combine gives us her personal welcome and tests whether we are suited for a position in the company!

We will also have an opportunity to make paper ourselves and get acquainted with Paper Devil, G. A. Serlachius, who was a pioneer of Finnish paper industry. His life and business affairs are shown in the eloquent exhibition with eight dramatised scenes.

The Serlachius Museum Gösta: art, architecture and pure tastes
We proceed to mill owner Gösta Serlachius' former manor and its new pavilion. The menu of Gösta's restaurant has been created by renowned top chefs, Henry Tikkanen and Pekka Terävä. We will be able to enjoy a setting of season's Finnish delicacies.

We will be acquainted with the Finnish classics of art of painting. Many artists of the Golden Age of art in Finland were inspired by Finnish nature. We have the opportunity to take a closer look at the new extension of the art museum, a huge pavilion that is an interesting example of a wood construction.

To Rapukartano (Crayfish Manor) to enjoy sauna, to have a meal and to sleep
From the Manor we leave for Rapukartano, a sylvan manor located in the middle of forest, either by water directly from Art museum Gösta's jetty on a church boat or by small winding country-side road in an engine driven vehicle. Rapukartano amidst the woods offers a possibility to enjoy sauna and an evening meal, also a Crayfish party can be organized year-round. The silence of the wilderness guarantees a good night's sleep in high-quality accommodation.

Request a tender for the whole package or choose the parts that interest your group the most!

Duration: 1 day (24-hour period)