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+358 (0)3 488 6800 | Gustaf, R. Erik. Serlachiuksen katu 2 | Gösta, Joenniementie 47 | Mänttä

Open summertime 1 June–31 August daily 10am–6pm, wintertime 1 September–31 May Tue–Sun 11am–6pm.


+358 (0)3 488 6800 | Gustaf, R. Erik. Serlachiuksen katu 2 | Gösta, Joenniementie 47 | Mänttä

wintertime 1 September–31 May Tue–Sun 11am–6pm
summertime 1 June–31 August daily 10am–6pm

Feel free to
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Pearl of the Month

Gösta Serlachius bought a Louis Vuitton trunk for his wife.

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January 2014

The trunk ”Vuittonite Orange 1900” – made in France

One of the treasures in the Serlachius Museums’ object collection is the orange trunk made by the French company Louis Vuitton. The model of the trunk ”Vuittonite Orange 1900” refers to the stain and water resistant canvas that was used on Vuitton’s trunks from the turn of the century to 1920‘s. Trunks covered with orange Vuittonite canvas are nowadays rather rare and therefore appreciated by collectors.

The trunk of the Serlachius Museums has originally belonged to Ruth Serlachius that was married to Gösta Serlachius in 1919. At the same time the Ruth’s initials consolidated to R and S. The same initials can be found at the side of the trunk and based on their appearance it is possible to time the trunk to the final end of manufacturing history of the Vuittonite Orange 1900.

In addition to the hand-painted initials, the trunk of Ruth Serlachius is full of exquisite, considered details. The trunk’s corners have bee coated with leather guards, also the end- handles are made of leather. On the base there are small and almost undetectable rolling casters for easy mobility. The trunk closes with a lock and two latches on all of which the manufacturer’s name or monogram LV has been engraved. The lock also reveals that the trunks are numbered items and made in France. The cream color linen interior has been efficiently divided into compartments with superimposable trays and cages. The trunk has received a few bumps during the years but it has kept mrs Serlachius’ travelling clothes in immaculate condition.

The trunk manufactured by Louis Vuitton tells about the time when all great journeys were made by steamboat. The trunk lets us presume that so did Ruth Serlachius. Indeed, attached to the trunk’s side is a blue-white tag of Finland’s Steamship Company (Finska Ångfartygs Aktiebolaget F.Å.A.) that used to operate in Helsinki.

Suvi-Mari Eteläinen